Want a little piece of hand-printed Christmas History?
Only a few people are getting their hands on these...and they begin shipping this week.
As I've told you all for the last few weeks, now that I'm hand-printing items and have a lot of flexibility with what I do I want to do some special releases for those of you that are closer to myself and the brand than the typical viewer that's come across RTB.  I dug through my email list to email YOU first because I know that not only have you been around, but RTB has become something significant for you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support!

The very first thing that came to mind as something special I could do is something for Christmas, and something limited edition.  This has been *extremely* hard to put together after the website complicated things during the launch on November 18, but I wanted to make it happen for you.

The 3 pieces below are items that will not be released in the upcoming launch and are only available through this preorder:

This is why I made these specific 3 picks:
  • THE HOODIE: this is the most vibrant and beautiful red I've ever seen... it only seemed fitting to come to life in stunning holiday colors.
  • THE LONGSLEEVE: the longsleeves in the last launch were by far the top selling item out of everything that was released.  This color obviously was not available, but I thought it would be awesome to offer you a festive version of the exact longsleeve that so many people loved so much.  When I called these the Ultra-Comfort longsleeves, there was good reason!
  • THE JOGGERS: the second most popular item was the sweatpants and they're now nearly sold out.  Sweatpants are new to RTB and although they're one of the much more difficult pieces to print, process, and ship, I know you loved them and have asked for more.  These joggers are (roughly 2x) thicker and much more intricate & detailed construction than the last release and feature 3 pockets.  Although the other sweatpants are incredible, if you want a pair of joggers that WILL keep you warm...these are the ones.  I couldn't be happier with them and can't wait to share them with you!

Again, these are not a part of the Christmas release coming later in the month!  I WANTED TO MAKE THEM SPECIAL!  These are exclusive, limited edition pre-order Christmas themed items.  You can also shop normal items on the site and they will ship with the pre-ordered pieces.

Because they're only available for 5 days, an extremely small number of people will own these 3 pieces.  Shipping begins as early as Thursday!

USE CODE "BUNDLE" to get all 3 pieces of the collection for $100 with FREE US Shipping at checkout!