100% Free Strength Programs

As many of you know, we offer $20/Month custom team coaching through our TrainHeroic App, but that may not be something that you are interested in.  We believe in giving back to the community that supports us so have developed two FREE programs that are simple plug-and-go workouts that will significantly improve your strength if run properly.

At the moment there are two free programs available:

Squat RTB is a 100% free high-frequency squat program written by RTB coaches Lenny Holeva and Andy Askow.  During a conversation about programming Lenny and Andy realized that there was a gap in the market for free, high-frequency programs.  They worked together to create a squat program to be released at no charge for team-sport athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, and anyone who wants to increase their squat strength and efficiency.  This excel files has everything you need to get started – just plug in your 1RM back squat and go!
Click HERE to download Squat RTB for FREE

Frequency RTB is a 100% free high-frequency squat, bench, and deadlift program written by RTB coaches Lenny Holeva and Andy Askow.  This program is the unchanged training block that Andy used while prepping for the IPF World Championships.  It features six days per week of pure squat, bench, and deadlift madness that is 100% ready for you to plug in your maxes and go.  This program may be rough, but the efficiency and strength gains are worth it. 
Click HERE to download Frequency RTB for FREE

If you have benefitted from these programs or want to contribute to the creation of more free-to-use content and programs in the future, please feel free to contribute HERE.