Here are the CYBER MONDAY sales I have to offer.. prices are CRAZY LOW.

Alright!  Here's the last major sale of the year - to be super transparent with you guys, there's a good reason that companies almost never put new products on sale: They make significantly less money every time.
Naturally, new products sell just fine on their own (especially with leggings priced around $30 and shirts launching at under $20..) but when I told you I just wanted to get this gear into as many hands as possible I meant it.
Here's what I can offer you!
  • 15% off all orders (no minimum) - "GET15"
  • 25% off orders over $75 - "GET25"
  • 40% off orders over $150 - "GET40"
At the highest discount - honestly, the prices are pretty impossible to pass up if you've EVER considered checking out any of RTB apparel.  They will never be any cheaper:
Just use the discount code at checkout to get your hands on this gear.

I've done everything possible to get RTB into as many hands as possible without literally losing money ON TOP of the ~100 hour work weeks that have come along with this launch!

It has not been about money or any shady motives - I genuinely just wanted to make this launch about getting you some awesome clothing at a ridiculous price and we've done exactly that.  I hope it's encouraged you to consider sharing the brand with friends as a legitimate, affordable competitor to other brands they may wear in the gym or even just day to day.

That being said, I cannot afford to continue this OR handle the crazy hours spurred by the much higher order volume so this is the LAST of any major sales on new products for the next year.

*If you need ANY help with sizing or suggestions I'll be here to help via the live chat!

Thank you!